Re-Introducing P.A.C.E. Strategies

We recently celebrated our fifth anniversary as an organization. Throughout that time, we’ve been proud to support more than 80 partners across 20 different cities and states. 

We just launched a new website, which we’re excited to share. We’ve also changed (or at least slightly tweaked) our name – we are now P.A.C.E Strategies instead of P.A.C.E Education Strategies. This update to our brand felt overdue (it’s been five years since we created our original brand and website) and reflective of an updated vision for our work. 

Supporting partners, including many schools, through the COVID-19 pandemic has been eye-opening and humbling. We’ve watched our partners in education grapple with sobering new realities. Those new realities have made us as committed as ever to an America where every family can access a great education and participate fully in our democracy. 

We remain committed to supporting local partners to expand the number of high-quality schools in their communities. And since 2021, PACE has worked with local partners in more than a dozen elections to increase voter turnout within our target universes by 10 percent. Our targeted voters outperformed their expected turnout by an average of 11 percentage points.

As you might imagine, we’re learning so much every day. While we’ll continue to support our  partners from behind the scenes, we’re excited to share insights from our work on our new blog. Through the blog, our team will cover various topics, such as how to develop a winning campaign plan, the tools you need for graphic design, and much more. Please take a minute to follow our LinkedIn page, where we’ll share content. We’re excited to look forward to engaging with you on these and other topics, and please let us know if there are specific insights you’d like us to share! 

By Reshma Singh and Sean Andersen